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Tuxedo Shirt AccessoriesWhen you are invited to a formal event that calls for black or white tie, you want to make sure that you show up dressed appropriately; after all, the wardrobe makes the man. And if the tuxedo makes the man, then the accessories make the tuxedo. When putting together your tuxedo ensemble, make sure that you don’t overlook one of the most important aspects of such an ensemble– the tuxedo accessories.

There are a number of tuxedo shirt accessories to consider when you are going to be wearing a tuxedo, but the most important of these is the tie, or in the case of mandarin tuxedo shirts, the button cover. What type of tie you wear will depend on what type of tuxedo shirt you are wearing. Bow ties are traditionally the tie of choice when wearing a tuxedo, although ascots, knot ties, band ties and crossover ties may be appropriate depending on the tone of the event you will be attending.

After the matter of the tie, or lack thereof, has been tended to, you’re going to want to delve into the world of studs, cuff links and button covers. While you could wear your tuxedo shirt with the boring, plastic buttons that it comes with, what would the fun in that be? Cufflinks and studs offer a way to personalize your tuxedo shirt by replacing the buttons on the shirt with something flashier. Cufflinks and studs come in a variety of shapes and materials including brushed and polished gold and silver as well as enameled materials and precious gemstones. Which of these cufflinks and stud types is right for you will depend on the look you’re trying to achieve and how much you would like the cufflinks & studs to stand out.

If the tuxedo shirt you’ve chosen has a mandarin collar, you’ll want to opt for a button cover. Button covers produce the same effect as studs and cufflinks, but rather than replacing the buttons, they are placed over them. The styles of button covers are as varied as the styles of cufflinks and studs. These tuxedo shirt accessories are an excellent way to add your own personal style to an otherwise uniform dress ensemble.

When discussing tuxedo shirt accessories, one must remember not to forget the cummerbund. Cummerbunds are made in different materials, but are usually seen in satin or silk. The color of your cummerbund will depend on the occasion you are dressing for and may also be determined by the color scheme of the event or the color of your date’s dress. For example, if you’re in a wedding party and the wedding colors include green, you might be required to wear a green cummerbund. It’s also important to make sure your cummerbund matches your tie. The pleats of the cummerbund should always face up. There are many stories as to why cummerbunds have pleats, and why the pleats face up. It is commonly accepted that the pleats were created in the cummerbund to “catch the crumbs”.

Don’t just use your tuxedo shirt accessories to dress up your tuxedo; use them as a chance to display your own personal fashion style. By carefully accessorizing your tuxedo, you’ll have no problem presenting a well-put-together appearance that shows people how fashionable you really are.

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